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My skills and areas of expertise have been developed though a unique career path that has afforded many non-traditional opportunities for learning and advancement. I have over 25 years of experience in areas including Project Management, Labor Relations, Occupational Safety and Health and Training & Education. This experience includes a unique combination of senior management roles in industry, director level and senior consultant positions with industry trade associations, and educational opportunities as a faculty member in the Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. I established the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) Education Center at ASU and produced and delivered many of the OTI Ed Center courses in both construction and general industry. I operate on the believe that safety, productivity and quality are inextricably linked, and that safety and health management must be incorporated as an integral part of any successful company management program.

Besides being a recognized leader in occupational safety and health, I am an expert in the field of prestressed concrete, having led the industry in the development and implementation of various training and certification programs and publishing numerous articles and manuals on the topic. Additional activities have included the development and delivery of academic courses and training programs along with the publication of white papers and articles in areas including occupational safety and health, construction management, and post-tensioned concrete. 


My current interests are focused on continuing education for the construction management professional and serving in a role that affords the opportunity to continue to transfer knowledge that relates to the integration of safety, productivity and quality into the work force.


  • Taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Arizona State University in the Construction Management Program

  • Developed training packages used by the Ironworker's Apprenticeship Programs throughout North America

  • Developed and managed certification programs for the post-tensioning and the concrete foundation industries that are still in use throughout the United States

  • Established the OSHA Training Institute Education Center at ASU

  • Developed and delivered continuing education courses in occupational safety and health to audiences from both the construction and general industry sectors

  • Developed and delivered continuing education courses in construction management and various technical topics both in-person and on-line

As Director of ASU’s OSHA Ed. Center, Jim does a stellar job of delivering highly engaging and effective courses. He is a very professional manager of the Center as well as a fantastic instructor. His knowledge of the absolute latest updates and nuances on what OSHA is up to are the best I’ve seen - I ask him when I want to know the “real deal”. Above all, Jim is a fun, friendly, charming person who is a pleasure to work with and know. I recommend Jim whole heartily!​

--Jonathan Klane, Assistant Director of Safety Programs at ASU

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