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Construction Safety Management in a Digital Age

As technology continues to permeate and influence the construction industry, one of the trends that we see now on a recurring basis is the move from paper construction drawings (blueprints for those that have been around a while) to digital drawings. The tools to make this switch a reality exist in their entirety right now. It is completely feasible to build a project today using digital drawings in lieu of all those rolls of printed plans, and if the process is implemented c

Is Your Company In Compliance with Haz Comm Regulations?

One of the OSHA standards that has been significantly updated in the last few years is commonly known as the Haz Comm standard, or the Right to Know requirements. These regulations can be found in 29 CFR 1910.1200 and they apply to varying degrees to all types of workplaces that use, store or produce hazardous products. The rules were updated in 2012 to include language on how products are labeled and how Safety Data Sheets are produced in order to bring the standard in to co

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