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  • Jim Rogers

Managing Confined Spaces in Construction

My new book on managing confined spaces in the construction industry is done and is now published and available on!

While there are many similarities between the rules that have existed for confined spaces in General Industry and the new rules published by OSHA for confined spaces in the Construction Industry, there are also some significant differences. Some of these differences relate to the way that communication must be handled on a job site, and others update the rules based on technical advances (such as atmospheric monitoring).

With the publication of the new OSHA regulations, the construction industry is, for the first time, presented with a technical definition of a "permit-required" confined space. With this comes 27 pages of rules that have to be followed when entering one of these spaces, where in the past we were only given the mandate that entrants be trained in the hazards that might be present in the space. This book explains these rules in language written for both the safety professional and the construction manager. It also covers best practices for managing these spaces and discusses the flow of information that must now occur on any job site that contains a confined space.

The book is available now on Amazon in print and in the Kindle format, and contains the entire text of 29 CFR 1926 - Subpart AA on Confined Spaces in Construction.

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