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See Firsthand How Technology is Being Used on Actual Construction Projects

Technology is fundamentally changing the way that the construction management industry works. In this course, learn about the practical application of some of these new technologies as you follow the construction of a nine-story patient tower at an existing hospital campus in Arizona, where the owner mandated the extensive use of technology in the construction process. Discover how that team leveraged 3D BIM models to virtually lay out the project, and swapped a tape measure for a laser scanner that feeds the information it gathers back to the BIM model. They also made working on a job-site dramatically more efficient by using tablets instead of paper drawings—which ensured that team members were always viewing the latest revisions—and by bringing VR into the process. Explore the future of technology in construction as you learn how these technologies delivered incredible value for the project owner.

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Do Even More with Procore

Looking for a total package solution to manage your construction operations? Procore construction project management software offers the ability to report portfolio-wide data or details of individual projects. These reports are designed to work with the robust permission hierarchy built into Procore so all project team members have access to the reports they need. With built-in project and company-wide visibility, Procore allows you to baseline your current state, identify issues, and use supporting data to tackle those issues head on.

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