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Is Lean the Answer to Our Problems?

I hear quite a few people in the construction industry throwing around the term "Lean" or "Lean Construction" or "Lean Productivitiy", but I find that a good percentage of them really don't have a complete grasp on the concepts and the theory behind Lean Construction. I think one of the most important concepts in Lean Construction is the idea that we make construction management decisions based on what's best for the overall project. That's a very broad statement, and there i

On The Job Site - A New Series!

On LinkedIn Learning, we recently rolled out a new Vlog style of short courses. These short, stand alone, video episodes are meant to present you with some quick information, insights, or instructions. Think of them as micro learning courses. They were fun to film and they get me out of the studio and onto the job site. Check out one of the episodes below. #safety #Education #management

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