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Dual Monitor Profile on Bluebeam

One of the challenges with viewing construction drawings in digital format is the screen size. Fortunately, when you are at your desk its fairly easy to set up your workstation to take advantage of two monitors and spread things out a little. There are many ways that you can take advantage of the increased screen real-estate. This post will take a look at two of these. If you have multiple monitors, you have probably already set them up as "extended display", or as "output to

Week of Learning

LinkedIn Learning is here and next week it's free! Go to to learn more and #AlwaysBeLearning. #Education #bluebeam

Construction Safety Management in a Digital Age

As technology continues to permeate and influence the construction industry, one of the trends that we see now on a recurring basis is the move from paper construction drawings (blueprints for those that have been around a while) to digital drawings. The tools to make this switch a reality exist in their entirety right now. It is completely feasible to build a project today using digital drawings in lieu of all those rolls of printed plans, and if the process is implemented c

LinkedIn Learning is Here!

Just announced this morning, LinkedIn Learning combines the best of and to bring you a new way to learn, anytime, at your pace, and right from your LinkedIn account. Choose from a library of over 9000 courses developed by industry experts. LinkedIn Learning is now live at, or you can access it right from your LinkedIn profile. If you already have a LinkedIn Premium account, access to the learning library is included! You can re

Bluebeam Quirks: My Running List

As I began digging deeper into Bluebeam REVU and Bluebeam STUDIO in preparation for my on-line courses published on LinkedIn's platform, I started uncovering little quirks and issues that were not well documented, but that could really make life difficult if you weren't aware or didn't understand. To make life a little easier, I decided to keep track of these issues here in hopes that documenting them might keep others from having any issues or problems as you use t

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